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heck dc913eccbb Fix typo in ratings. 1 week ago
heck 9da798d8fc FIX: #38 - Ratings values inconsistent with engine (3.2) 1 week ago
heck 3454305d1a Session-manager needs to be initialized only once per process. 1 week ago
heck 5e9895e859 Fix: #36 - config_media_keys is not available in 3 weeks ago
Sascha Bacardit c3b4363d8a Updated android build script
Makefiles for android need to point towards backend, not old sequoia with all that implies, such as changing .mk, makefiles and includes.

Added libCxx11 to the task list with the same logic as libPEpTransport as they work the same.

Added header link to this is purely for the sake of android studio and not required, but android studio complains about missing headers without it.

Updated Engine_version_code, will move it to a gradle variable later.
Investigate why JNI dislikes using identity without a global variable during handshakes.
1 month ago
heck 75f234fe9a refactor throw_pEp_Exception() 2 months ago
heck 7fb0eefc69 FIX: #33 - BUG: JNI cannot find existing class which leads to hardcrash.
Not reproducable on macOS.

Globalrefs _seem_ to be thread local on Android, but not on macOS (or different versions or implementations of the JVM)
2 months ago
heck f50e81aab5 Remove macro LOGD
This is an ancient leftover that has been replaced by pEpLog
2 months ago
heck 8ff6da985a Remove redundant from_identity() function
redundancy is the source of all evil
2 months ago
heck 3024ecf4f5 FIX: crash on import_key() due to uninitialized out param
Actually an engine bug, but apply defensive style anyways.
2 months ago
heck e9d3c41378 Removed: get_trustwords_for_fpr()
API spec:
mandatory: get_trustwords()
optional: get_message_trustwords()
3 months ago
heck c2ccd91c4c Merge in Release_2.1 5 months ago
heck 694f753730 #20 - add function config_media_keys() 7 months ago
heck 3004e0d16f #20 - add function config_enable_echo_in_outgoing_message_rating_preview() 7 months ago
heck 0a5116d61c #20 - add function config_enable_echo_protocol() 7 months ago
heck 308a120262 pEp.yml2 - fix typo 7 months ago
heck 5170ec7373 #20 - add function sync_reinit() 7 months ago
heck 86c4063d16 #20 - add new signal 7 months ago
heck 852f0f22df Fix:: Windows portability - manual merge of PR#15 from thomas (due to conflicts) 1 year ago
Hussein Kasem 56d71a5b4c JNI-174 Wrap __LP64__ related stuff into ifdef ANDROID to keep JNI-158 and don't break dates on android.
On android32 bits time_t struct it is 32 bits and this is causing an overflow after 01/Feb/22 giving negative dates and therefore converting from 09/02/22 to 25/02/21.
1 year ago
Hussein Kasem f714e19af2 JNI-174: Revert "JNI-158 - remove __LP64__ related stuff"
This reverts commit bc035e29
1 year ago
heck cd308cbb6e JNI-167: update MessageInterface 1 year ago
heck 4a8514a6c9 JNI-167: add Message.decodeASN1XER() / fromXER() 1 year ago
heck 9322e42114 JNI-167: refine/improve encode functions 1 year ago
heck 12ff0ec89a JNI-167: add Message.encodeASN1XER() 1 year ago
heck bf69057e72 Build: Change build config to adhere to standard for all adapters
The idea is to avoid depending to n locations for n dependencies. Install everything into a $PREFIX, and depend to $PREFIX only. simple.
1 year ago
Thomas 138bee2566 Add Windows build project and reference platform.h 1 year ago
heck 180696f344 JNI-157: add set_comm_partner_key() 1 year ago
heck 5ef9de64c7 Feature: use libpEpAdapter3 session mgmt 1 year ago
heck 661abc4205 Merge branch 'JNI-158' into Release_2.1 2 years ago
heck 1e62ff0bc4 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 2 years ago
heck 24f801b381 JNI-160: change "instanceCount" to be AtomicLong 2 years ago
heck 21119a6419 JNI-160: synchronized getInstanceCount() method 2 years ago
heck aff9fa861f JNI-160: synchronized close() method 2 years ago
heck 9d7efca8a5 JNI-160: close() on obj with handle == 0 does nothing (no decrement either) 2 years ago
heck 42fad14bb9 JNI-160: add Message.getInstanceCount() 2 years ago
heck 73bfd18e84 Merge branch 'JNI-158' 2 years ago
heck bc035e2910 JNI-158 - remove __LP64__ related stuff 2 years ago
heck 5e2a042197 JNI-158 - JNI-159 - Remove all keyserver functions 2 years ago
heck 0c36123b91 JNI-156 - Remove all blacklist functions 2 years ago
heck b9fb50a75b JNI-149: "Wrap disable_all_sync_channels into the adapter" - implementation 2 years ago
heck d9e782faff JNI-142: "Mem-mgmt: Defined behaviour of Message.close()"
* close() method is now idempotent
* Access to Message obj after close() results in IllegalStateException (Not SEGV anymore)
2 years ago
heck be6510066c Revert "FIX: JNI-135' - the option of using finalize() has been discarded
This reverts commit 20c32ff756, reversing
changes made to 59d6177dc8.
2 years ago
heck dbf0e33de1 JNI-132 - Add equals() and hashCode() 2 years ago
heck 086c915987 JNI-132 - Add URIHash() and URITrim() 2 years ago
heck d4cccefd67 Tests: JNI-147 - "Utils: add a method to check two URIs for equality" 2 years ago
heck 48098d5752 change Identity.toString() 2 years ago
heck 78dc887d45 JNI-135 - Fixed. use finalize() to release JNI-allocated mem. (Autocloseable never called close()) 2 years ago
heck 4bdfb836a0 change var name accordingly 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem ba4c0456f7 JNI-146 Reference AbstracEngine instead of Engine
To call java private methods from C/JNI side on an Android 7 device
seem to require to use the MethodId of the real class not from its
2 years ago