83 Commits (d7190c222ff360d4e72ee5b103fd16c5b9a317a2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Luca Saiu d7190c222f ENGINE-975: silence compiler warnings... 9 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer c48f1ad010 z/OS support: Make env 1 year ago
  David Lanzendörfer b1a6e790df z/OS: Support 2 years ago
  David Lanzendörfer de2ef3057f z/OS support: Introducing OS/390 detection 2 years ago
  David Lanzendörfer 7fa3d0e127 z/OS support: NetPGP 1 year ago
  heck 5cece2e810 Build: Fix MacOS linking (sequoia symbols not found) 1 year ago
  heck 3d026c270c Build: Fix MacOS linking (sequoia symbols not found) 1 year ago
  Krista Bennett 4cc0e3a5af ENGINE-864: Cleanup, plus fixed some semantics regarding CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/CPPFLAGS that had been built in to the build system. 2 years ago
  Krista Bennett 08910435a3 ENGINE-864: some cleanup 2 years ago
  Krista Bennett 73136bff28 ENGINE-864: compiles on debian now 2 years ago
  Krista Bennett 8c4ef665a7 ENGINE-864: Shut off PEP_MIME default (use PEP_MIME=1 in local.conf to activate for testing fun) - only tested on MacOS so far. Next stop: debian. 2 years ago
  Krista Bennett 9130f81042 ENGINE-864: pEpMIME Makefile madness 2 years ago
  Krista Bennett 6451f12469 Kludged Makefiles that actually work with pEpMIME (with a modified branch), but aren't yet what we want. Was just to get it to run. 2 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 68b920cb2c push before migration 2 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett a4581fcc6f Don't call pkg-config if the sequoia vars are already set in local.conf - we should probably refactor this so local.conf comes afterward anyway. I don't understand damiano's reasoning here. 2 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 961d702ddc gnupg, netpgp purged from code 2 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 0dbe24a002 Set make variable with the right operator 3 years ago
  Neal Walfield 348e69bab7 Track API changes to sequoia. 3 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett b5655c7de4 clear_trust_info put into header 3 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 1410aa23b1 PER_MACHINE_DIRECTORY basically has to be defined with a sensible default. 3 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett f4bb175240 Almost working, but extra carriage return. I think it's probably because the content headers are NULL in the signed part when constructing the final message; etpan probably puts in a CFLF no matter what, which we'll have to patch. 3 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 5aa6eba154 Reenable Darwin/BSD extensions for MacOS 3 years ago
  Volker Birk 644e307684 adding features 3 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 400d667bcc Remove deprecated default.conf 3 years ago
  Volker Birk 20400ed193 add p≡p MIME 3 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 335907ecbf comment for damiano 3 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 418f1e8a10 Assign sequoia vars 3 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 99f6c70f24 always set LIBGPGME Make variable 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 836a93aefb Only call pkg-config when actually linking sequoia 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 4885a4e589 Clean up some Make issues introduced with merge 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart d4bc9b7b04 Minor doc cleanup, and revamp test/Makefile 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 4711aa3f79 Merge functionality in default.conf and Makefile.conf 4 years ago
  Krista Bennett f685decf24 Through the power of revert, fixed the modes I messed up in the last commit (sorry, new machine and dorking around caused an unintended large-scale mode reset) 4 years ago
  Krista Bennett 673c9876d0 Fixed weird little test bug, also part of the ENGINE-476 in here 4 years ago
  Volker Birk 4f66d85287 adding option to run tests in debugger 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart ce4f09ad57 Fix Makefile.conf, add reference to documentation in Makefiles 4 years ago
  Krista Bennett d4f5a4b1a6 ENGINE-329: gpg implementation of first-time import of ultimately trusted keys is in. Apparently, netpgp bluffs trust completely, so a stub is in here for them instead. Too bad :( 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 98be756f20 Remove everything but documentation from Makefile.conf 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 87af857136 Add note on GPG_CMD for old versions of GPG 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart db8754cb8c Remove trailing whitespace 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 01e6b9662b Update documentation on local.conf 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart e45b559fc1 Remove redundant export of YML_PATH 5 years ago
  Krista Bennett 608f166b19 Makefile change from -r 2139 copied to default 5 years ago
  Krista Bennett 9efd145f1c shelving changes 5 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 317c28bb54 Select C 2011 standard in Makefile.conf 5 years ago
  Krista Bennett e98fa612d0 pEpEngineTest now imports its own keys 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 702fa24be8 Change BUILD_CONF to BUILD_CONFIG 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 2e1641289c Fix incorrect variable use 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 7cf789ff17 Add BUILD_CONF as the new PLATFORM_OVERRIDE 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 468fae3bb8 Move all build configuration into Makefile.conf 5 years ago