Collection of commonly re-usable C++ code
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A collection of commonly re-usable C++ code
Important: No dependencies allowed except c++ standard libraries


Requirements & Platforms

  • License: GPL3

  • C++ standard: C++11

  • supported compilers: at least gcc and clang (both have to work)

  • Build sytem: GNU Make – Platforms: Linux, macOS ** Target: static library libpEpCxx.a

  • Windows and Android builds will be done separatly

Public API

  • defined in namespace pEp::CXX
  • header files are installed in PREFIX/include/pEp/ and are used via #include <pEp/filename.hh>

Coding Conventions

The coding conventions are expressed in the top level:

  • .clang-format
  • .clang-tidy

Code committed or submitted via PR will be rejected if not adhering to these coding conventions


  • Include guards: #ifdef/#define style (not #pragma once), naming key: LIBPEPCXX1_<FILENAME>_{HH|HXX}