753 Commits (c81ff7c14034cc15e015165194ea83cab2105a12)

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  heck 324ffbea05 Test: PityTest - PityTree addNew() as abstract factory with perfect forwarding 11 months ago
  heck a2c5b542f2 Test: PityTest - PityUnit add copy assign operator 11 months ago
  heck 0baa54c330 Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit add copy assign operator 11 months ago
  heck 0ac3de4264 Test: PityTest - PityTree add copy assign operator 11 months ago
  heck c05d04683a Test: PityTest - test_assert.cc updated 11 months ago
  heck 9c164c4329 Test: PityTest - test_processdirs updated (Old/New API) 11 months ago
  heck 3735aaf896 Test: PityTest - test_processdirs updated 11 months ago
  heck 5e32091183 Test: PityTest - test_pitytree now design example 11 months ago
  heck 66bd23800e Test: PityUnit - Copy C'tor, clone() 11 months ago
  heck dc0f1e21b3 Test: PityTest - Copy C'tor 11 months ago
  heck c880a25a0d Test: PityTree - RValue refs, copy constructor, addRef/addCopy/addNew 11 months ago
  heck 018bbb0b2a Test: PityTest - add test_pitytree.cc 11 months ago
  heck debabff778 Test: PityTest - add test_assert.cc 11 months ago
  heck cf71349c56 Test: PityTest - fix PITYASSERT_THROWS() 11 months ago
  heck bf89ab6f03 .gitignore 11 months ago
  heck 72b36f8f69 Tests: PityTest - Add main header PityTest.hh 11 months ago
  heck bb831cc338 Tests: PityTree - add setName() / getChild() 11 months ago
  heck dd213604e3 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - print full path of RootUnit 11 months ago
  heck f592357827 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - init log_mutex in construction 11 months ago
  heck c3614c4cf8 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - fix init order 11 months ago
  heck bbe6b5b4c3 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - move init from constructor to run() 11 months ago
  heck baf67b3db4 Tests: update swarm test templates 11 months ago
  heck aa286f459f Tests: PityTest - update tests 11 months ago
  heck ed6947eabc Tests: PityTest - PitySwarm update constructor semantics 11 months ago
  heck 0946f32ef7 Tests: PityTest - PityUnit change constructor semantics (parent) 11 months ago
  heck f08fd36f42 Tests: PityTest - PityUnit, move tree functionality into base class 11 months ago
  heck 732571de2e Utils: comment 11 months ago
  heck d1de14487c Test: PityTest - Abstract base for PityUnit 11 months ago
  heck 1a46228b42 Test: update all tests to return int 11 months ago
  heck 8816b1e65e Test: PityTest - test_execmodes use model /prettify 11 months ago
  heck 87ed5be3d0 Test: PityTest - Units return int 11 months ago
  heck d8302d9437 Test: PityTest - processUnit term colors 11 months ago
  heck 10b720cd26 utils.cc: to_string(bloblist) - reduced details mode 11 months ago
  heck 3ac1052cda Tests: test utils - add decryptMessage() using flags 11 months ago
  heck 67bbfe67dd Tests: test_adapter_cxx use std_utils 11 months ago
  heck f95efdb92d Includes for linux build. 11 months ago
  heck 49ea80158e Tests: test_tofu - add message logging RX/TX - before/after enc/dec 11 months ago
  heck aa9139c1bc Tests: Utils - add pEpIdentList / Group / split createIdentity into createOwnIdent() / createCptIdent() / createRawIdent() 11 months ago
  heck 664bce8422 Tests: PitySwarm - own_groups auto generated 11 months ago
  heck 396d938342 Tests: PityPerspective.hh - add own_groups 11 months ago
  heck 713cdc3887 LIB-11: group_manager_api - rename funcs, add init() 11 months ago
  heck c04f2aa1af .gitignore 11 months ago
  heck a05c596be3 Tests: test_tofu now assertive 11 months ago
  heck a70692acde Tests: Utils - use tuples for EncryptResult / DecryptResult 11 months ago
  heck 5dfdce0a0f Tests: PityTest - add pEpidents to Perspective own/cpt AND change PTASSERT to take another param "reason" 11 months ago
  heck e8be7529f1 Tests: PityTest - Makefile add pEp includes 11 months ago
  heck 046665be80 Tests: add test_templates using PitySwarm 11 months ago
  heck 7f837a7120 Tests: PitySwarm - addTestUnit() returns the unit 11 months ago
  heck 5bd3c262bb Tests: PityTest - Exit status is green if 0, otherwise red 11 months ago
  heck 420ec93e9e Tests: test_tofu - refactor out the datatypes and utils 11 months ago