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Devan Carpenter 8029ef2ec0 CI: update script path for building libpEpAdapter
libpEpAdapter now uses a common script between Linux distros for
building. This commit fixes our scripts to use the correct path.
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 58dd0dc9cd CI: build CentOS/RedHat 8 RPM packages
This commit cleans up the existing CI scripts a bit while adding jobs to
build RPM packages. The directory structure allows for easily adding
package targets.

RPM outputs will only be uploaded on tagged commits.
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter bba09a450f CI: use multi-stage build to reduce image size
We don't need to keep the whole build image - let's just copy the
required files into an openjdk8 container, thus reducing the size.

Special thanks to @jonas for the template for the final image, as well
as the push to get it added. :)
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 961528551f
CI: keep build source in resulting docker images
It can be useful to have the sourcecode around in the image.
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter e2d01b50e0
CI: don't install jdk 11 for java8 build
We were installing jdk from the debian repos before installing jdk8 from
upstream. This caused java 11 to be used instead of java 8.
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 79aa46ce11
CI: build libpEpAdapter ourselves
libpEpAdapter does not build an image with every version of pEpEngine we
may need, so we will use the pEpEngine docker image, and build the
libpEpAdapter version we need as part of our CI job.
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 2d44af3581
CI: add job using Java 8
We want to support Java 8 (LTS) so this adds a job using this JDK.
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter c94d710399 CI: add install steps to build jar
(cherry picked from commit 943267851b)
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter cd967299b5 CI: install JDK before building JNIAdapter 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 4d4611f87c CI: remove superfluous bashism 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 7c30666187 CI: add basic gitlab-ci jobs
Adds simple jobs for building the the Engine for Debian 10.

Pre-built docker images containing des will be pulled down and used
to build the Adapter.

Upon successful compilation an image containing the build output will be
pushed to a docker registry.
2 years ago