562 Commits (6f7c4536d9251b37b80f521d9131ac0beac883f4)

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  heck 6f7c4536d9 Added doc/ dir, added Doxygen fox c++ and java. use "make doxy-all" 2 years ago
  heck 3b94758f72 Test case for JNI-91 added. (its a start) 2 years ago
  heck fb66d77051 update existing tests 2 years ago
  heck d8ac087997 ..and the dir/file renames too. 2 years ago
  heck c7a9d8b4af Make all not supposed to make tests. 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem ac5835d191 Add missing flag to pEp.yml2 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 103134a261 Android build: upgrade sequoia hash. 2 years ago
  heck 880b3dabc1 Fix Linux build using g++ 2 years ago
  heck 71f497a6a1 Merge JNI-86 2 years ago
  heck eb098d63a2 improved tests for JNI-88 2 years ago
  heck 614253fa24 Added test case for JNI-88 2 years ago
  heck badff929e4 Merge 2 years ago
  heck c72a677c81 Blob.toString() enhanced with plain data output. 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 163fe38149 JNI-86 Add ____Blob.cc to Android build 2 years ago
  heck fcc20e7507 Renaming of methods for semantical reasons, add plain data output to Blob.toString() 2 years ago
  heck e7e68633e0 forgot to add file 2 years ago
  heck e774036922 Added feature Blob.toString() - Human readable string representation of Blob. 2 years ago
  heck d34321a01b Adding feature branch for JNI-86 "Message to XER decoder for Sync protocol (for debugging)" 2 years ago
  Hussein Kasem c1b9fde8e4 AndroidBuild: Set sequoia commit bounded to pep-engine branch. 2 years ago
  heck 97db93fc10 Add missing test/Makefile 2 years ago
  heck cd8fc6eebe eliminate "use namespace pEp::Adapter" for better readability 3 years ago
  heck d07bef3cad C++11 is the standard to be used for all adapters (acc. to Volker) 3 years ago
  heck 9718a96b9d Backed out changeset f0b49dde7901 3 years ago
  heck 4dc18f34c3 C++11 is the standard to be used for all adapters (acc. to Volker) 3 years ago
  heck 338559da71 Further project/Makefile structures for tests 3 years ago
  heck 08f4061962 test/Makefile.conf for common build information for all tests 3 years ago
  heck 18c33872ec Lets start a substructure in test/, one dir for each test case. 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 597c74a419 Remove buggy detach 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem a46cbfafa8 JNI-85 Try to reproduce it - without success 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 36757c11de Update hgignore 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem b70be6352f Backed out changeset bb9fff033bdb 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 0b20021d68 Remove buggy detach 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 21c3447b31 Wrap enable and disable_identity_for_sync 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 36fa395341 Print Exceptions from JNI side on messageToSend 3 years ago
  heck cbf1b2221c Makefile bugfix 3 years ago
  heck 190e74a80b test/Makefile Add DYLD_ and LD_LIBRARY_PATH 3 years ago
  heck e9f2b449bd Build config, added foo_PATH vars, for more flexible reuse of paths 3 years ago
  heck 41fb26b250 Makefile structure similar to engine, recursively specializing local.conf with defaults in Makefile.conf 3 years ago
  heck d7cbb4b513 Added Main Makefile 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem cc04f49337 Update android-plugin version and remove unused version. 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 46fe1302e3 Add localref deletion on notifyHandshake 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 40caaf5d0f Wrap is_sync_running from pEpLibAdapter 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 162a5aa6e2 Backed out changeset 07109e065126 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 72efd2041c Make "basic" use same convention for intermediate function names as "method" 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 97c421da40 Android build: Fix openssl-build x86_64 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem ea5681179d Android build: Fix untar, use xvf instead of xvfz 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem c36078e5a1 Android build: Fix libetpan clean 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem c857de39ed Android build: Fix property name 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem f1064833f8 Android build: Add build target 3 years ago
  Hussein Kasem 78288a198a Android build: add PATH 3 years ago