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# Building enigmail+pEp on Linux

this build system has two stages:
- dependencies_$ID_$ # installs dependencies and prepares a vanilla distribution installation
- Makefile # make all builds
We distinct between "well supported linuxes", distributions for that we know they ship supported versions of gnupg and libgpgme and we have a dependencies*.sh script for. On the other hand are "linuxes with basic support" for which we ship _all_ taken from debian-9 or built by us.
(FIXME: this sentence superseeded by gpg not portable :( )

## well-supported Linuxes
- Debian 9
- Fedora 27
- openSuse

## preparations
start on one of the well-supported Linuxes - packages for linux with basic support are built on debian-9
run dependencies_${ID}_${VERSION_ID}.sh for your distribution as root - this has to be done only when dependencies change.

## building
For each actual build, create a user solely for this purpose. On Debian:
``` adduser --gecos '' pep-enigmail-build ```

- clone the common directory to ~pep-enigmail-build
- ln -s common/Makefile .
- export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/build/lib
- make

### Fedora
on fedora the libtool shipped with and used by libetpan is broken, therefore use the system one:
``` cd libetpan; ln -s `which libtool` libtool```

## Building for Linux with basic support
start on debian-9 and run its, but replace common/vanilla with an empty directory. This leads to all dependencies being integrated into the xpi.