43 Commits (master)

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  Arian Sanusi (p≡p Foundation) 661070102a
on stretch use boost1.67 from backports 1 year ago
  Arian Sanusi (p≡p Foundation) c9757f10b6
test.py: working arguments in call() to MIME_{en,de}crypt_message 1 year ago
  Arian Sanusi (p≡p Foundation) 5af0043728
make repos configurable 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi (untrusted build machine) 7404a757e1
support release (default)/debug build (engine only): for debug set BUILD_CONFIG=~/common/debug.conf 2 years ago
  arian.sanusi@pep.foundation d6087cbeaa
tb_pepmda_serve.sh: convenience script starting serve.py and thunderbird with ENIGMAIL_PEP_DOWNLOAD_URL 2 years ago
  arian.sanusi@pep.foundation 10e36b1b51
serve.py initial: mock pepmda.zip server to be used with env ENIGMAIL_PEP_DOWNLOAD_URL 2 years ago
  arian.sanusi@pep.foundation 131e67e701
test.py: update auth on every call, output easier to handle, some convenience functions 2 years ago
  arian.sanusi@pep.foundation 4f7c2a84d0
build with errorstack 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi (p≡p Foundation) c26cb99791
test.py: add call() providing roughly json-server's http functionality 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi (p≡p Foundation) ba13f0835c
get rid of cacert.pep.foundation urls 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 4681363e00
Makefile: correct dependencies and general cleanup 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 189f63432f
on debian-9 change dependencies s.t. it creates a vanilla directory with only libc6 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi cde279a1c6
enigmail.genxpi.patch: adapt to current upstream enigmail 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi b4f43b084f
prepareEnigmailTree.sh: fix finding libraries, try to catch dlopens 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 9d635a6ab1
generate linux-zip by default, and from that the xpi 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 4198e24877
build on openSuse: use gcc-5 (beware: with system-symlinks!), pepjsonserver-issues 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 6102d039be
README.md: initial 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi a943c3ebfe
switch to pep-json-server 302 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 4afa1a1990
dependencies: suse: gcc-7, fedora: cacert wrong path 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 06bf1f8f1a
Makefile: various fixes 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi d4b42966f9
adapt to running inside thunderbird profile 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi b419efbe34
put build date and distribution in output filename 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi b6f9f61cad
fedora: correct dependencies 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi ea716bdc54
revert to startup-script-less 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi e28a297501
enigmail subprocess.call workdir correctly used 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 7eeddae3da
packages submodule 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi f159012caa
start pep-json-server with the help of a script changing working-directory 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 36c8e703e1
use pep-json-server 292 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 37d13c3e7e
enable build with _all_ dependencies (empty common/vanilla) 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 9bb8fef175
enable build on debian 9 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi b15c175c50
enable build on Fedora 27 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 3f000b28db
enable build on opensuse 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 11cc79b098
look for vanilla distribution in vanilla 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 693a0c94d6
cleanup, adapt damiano's build infra changes 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 4c9f265320
packages submodule (came here by sd, need to change to esca remote) 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi df592beaab
integrate pep-json-server into enigmail.xpi 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 7176a0b87b
patch engine-Makefile.conf DEBUG= 2 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 12ba75ecd0
use master enigmail branch 3 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 17286c7872
damiano's change build-config -> Makefile.conf 3 years ago
  Arian Sanusi ef61c8e1dc
almost-trivial jsonserveradapter test.py 3 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 29eaadf438
pepjsonserveradapter #worksforme Makefile patch 3 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 1e61cae8aa
build config 3 years ago
  Arian Sanusi 555c3e6774
building enigmail master (2 alpha) with pep and dependencies 3 years ago