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benchmarking performance of the json-adapter

includes a number of simple messages + key material

$ python3 run_perf.py data/mime_mails_with_key/

will run the benchmark with supplied test data and output a FlameGraph of the run to `/tmp/perf.svg`. Web browsers may be better at rendering this svg then your image viewer.

Dependencies / Setup

This depends on

  • brendangreggs’s FlameGraph which is a submodule of this repo
  • perf (which on debian is in linux-base)
  • pep-json-server which it looks for in your $HOME - if you’re running enigmail/pEp you’re good
  • enigmail-linux, which is also a submodule of this repo (Build infrastructure for the pEp-part of enigmail/pEp
  • perf being able to collect stats: as root you can enable this by
    echo 2 > /proc/sys/kernel/perf_event_paranoid

if you’re on linux, install enigmail2 in the default pEp-mode, git submodule update --init and you should be good to go.