144 Комити (master)

Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Bernd Fix 11d78750f4 Updated module dependencies. пре 1 месец
  Bernd Fix 32e0edc6c8 Handle VPN record in case of empty RR set when looking for A/AAAA. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix be4b72828c Shadow record handling as pre-processing. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 24d4c6127e Added handling of shadow records. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix fcda1dbc1c Adjusted LEHO coexistance logic to draft. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 83445e8621 Adjusted unit tests to GNUnet 0.12 crypto. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 4e016ffc10 Removed obsolete document references. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix aac873a7e5 Added CNAME handling; refactored BlockHandler interface. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 0090c7087f Use 'customHandler' map for handler instantiation. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix f24311b364 Improved BOX handling. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 4ec1b86048 Implemented new block handler architecture. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 940d391ad6 Handle expiration time (TTL) in DNS RRs. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 312cec1879 Fixed issue with SOA and NS records in DNS queries. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 639e555383 Fixed handling empty lookup results. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix beb637e5f5 Fixed argument sequence in HKDF call. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 4c4bb0010b Adjusted key/iv generation to GNUnet 0.12 пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix d1896d53ed Changed log level of messages. пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix 0d26a6ad13 Beautified LICENSE (line-breaks). пре 2 месеци
  Bernd Fix b2d49bfb99 Code clean-up and comments added. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 5d33f0f690 New block handler logic implemented. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix c2df4d11f7 Initial revision. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 4ea9475228 Use BlockHandlerList to manage block handlers. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 5cbcd1c86f Filter DNS results by requested RR types. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix b42369a377 Use RR type list for lookups; added PKEY block handler. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 39291667dd Moved crypto stuff from service/gns/ to crypto/. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix db4bcbebaa Handle case where the IP of a nameserver could not be retrieved. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix d06114df96 Include DNS library in prerequisites. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 5177d73e33 Helper to parse RFC1034 names added. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 4a00170079 Terminate resolution at the end of a GNS2DNS delegation. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 3efafbcc97 Call 'Resolve' instead of 'Lookup'; handle results accordingly. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 2cdf5497e4 Initial revision. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 8596414af2 Adopted new signature for 'Lookup()' call. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix b207ddba21 Added method to GNSRecordSet for appending RRs. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 3f182a97ab Use block handlers to post-process resource records. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix f038179c3d Added string list helpers. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 9cbf4e0cd9 Add helper for absolute time "Never". пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 9b64495946 PKEY lookup for config-defined root zones added. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 294a223690 Added root zones to configuration. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 57a0e84d68 Moved to module. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix b5dd61fe5b Removed obsolete function. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix c3a26d6a7e GNS module as GNUnet service. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 99e5274722 GNS functionality encapsulated in a module. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix e9e5987842 Initial revision. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix d2f185825f Reverse string array method added. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 5f848908ef Prepare usage of multiple GNUnet modules in a single binary. пре 3 месеци
  Bernd Fix 1ea70edf58 Added script to run unit tests. пре 4 месеци
  Bernd Fix 8a9e763fc5 Make symmetric key/iv derivation for GNS blocks public. пре 4 месеци
  Bernd Fix dcdb48d56f Added symmetric encryption. пре 4 месеци
  Bernd Fix e34903d6c7 vanityid: output for ZONE/EGO vanity key. пре 5 месеци
  Bernd Fix 8ac5cf4621 Corrected case clause for OS signal handling (Ctrl-C). пре 5 месеци