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# common-dependency-build-helpers-4-apple-hardware
Contains one macOS build script for each dependency and an Xcode project with convenience build aggragates (using the build scripts).
## Prerequisites
@ -98,3 +100,11 @@ Defines the PREFIX directory to save build arttefacts and headers in. It is rela
There is a `/_config/pEp_versions.plist` where you can configure the version used for pEp dependencies.
For 3rd party dependencies, the version used is hardcoded in the corresponding .code file (e.g. `buildcode/iconv.code`) as it is assumed to use the same 3rd party lib version for all pEp projects (if that assumtion is wrong, please do not chagne the `.code`file but ping the maintainer to the version to `/_config/pEp_versions.plist` ).
## Known Issue
Building sequoia this error is logged:
`/Applications/ 'conftest.o': Invalid/Unsupported object file format`
It i yet unknown why that is the case, it seems to not do any harm and it does not return an none zero exit code.