20 Commits (master)

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  Krista Bennett c9cb707cbd configure patch for mac 1 year ago
  Krista Bennett b547226bf0 Committing changes for MacOS folks 1 year ago
  Hoa V. Dinh e1cdd29d97 Generate automatically public headers for windows 7 years ago
  Hoa V. Dinh 159eb7fffb 1.6 7 years ago
  Ricardo Mones 84e6fcc33c Remove libraries not required/used with GnuTLS 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 34bab37a1f 1.5 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy b27fe3fcbb Fix version number 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy 84aad105e6 Add a way for users to know the API current/revision/compatibility number 8 years ago
  Hideki Yamane 720096f51b add db-5.3 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH e67180be74 Windows native locks support 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 349d184dcf Updated version 9 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 46b4f798f2 Merged 695f3af0e6 to upstream: implement of IMAP COMPRESS (RFC 4978). Thanks to Ian Ragsdale. 9 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa e8360099e6 obsolete m4 macro 9 years ago
  Colin Leroy 958402b21f Fix Windows (Mingw32) build. 9 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 84c12cd3e9 curl and expat can be disabled 9 years ago
  patrick84 7a974580e7 Fixed --with-sasl configure script option 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 46e16d8af5 generation version 10 years ago
  patrick84 f7c4b6a0ae Added configure options --with-curl and --with-expat 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 9155727e0b import from CVS 10 years ago