18 Commits (4175a4ebafd4d2791cf0f5ab07f0b646a661ff20)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hoa V. Dinh e1cdd29d97 Generate automatically public headers for windows 8 years ago
  Hoa V. Dinh 159eb7fffb 1.6 8 years ago
  Ricardo Mones 84e6fcc33c Remove libraries not required/used with GnuTLS 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 34bab37a1f 1.5 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy b27fe3fcbb Fix version number 8 years ago
  Colin Leroy 84aad105e6 Add a way for users to know the API current/revision/compatibility number 8 years ago
  Hideki Yamane 720096f51b add db-5.3 8 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH e67180be74 Windows native locks support 9 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 349d184dcf Updated version 9 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 46b4f798f2 Merged 695f3af0e6 to upstream: implement of IMAP COMPRESS (RFC 4978). Thanks to Ian Ragsdale. 9 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa e8360099e6 obsolete m4 macro 10 years ago
  Colin Leroy 958402b21f Fix Windows (Mingw32) build. 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 84c12cd3e9 curl and expat can be disabled 10 years ago
  patrick84 7a974580e7 Fixed --with-sasl configure script option 11 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 46e16d8af5 generation version 11 years ago
  patrick84 f7c4b6a0ae Added configure options --with-curl and --with-expat 11 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 9155727e0b import from CVS 11 years ago