7 Commits (cff50f652938fa0390ef421d311b4e86a36d246f)

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  Hoa V. DINH cff50f6529 Support for retrieval of SSL certificates 9 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 02d9326d91 Clarified API 9 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 7f6b8051eb Fixed crash. Added some comments. 9 years ago
  Hoa V. DINH 7e51aed056 Implemented logger callback on mailstream to provide a better logging system. 9 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa e4bec41000 specific timeout for each connection 10 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 5f535b03ce support for CFNetwork, helpers for IMAP IDLE 11 years ago
  DINH Viet Hoa 9155727e0b import from CVS 11 years ago