libetpan - fdik
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set -e
IOSSDK="`xcodebuild -showsdks 2>/dev/null | grep iphoneos | sed 's/.*iphoneos\(.*\)/\1/'`"
OSXSDK="`xcodebuild -showsdks 2>/dev/null | grep macosx | sed 's/.*macosx\(.*\)/\1/'`"
if test "x`uname`" = xLinux ; then
./ --with-curl=no --disable-db --with-expat=no
make dist distdir=$distdir
tar xzf $distdir.tar.gz
cd $distdir
./configure --with-curl=no --disable-db --with-expat=no
cd tests
make imap-sample
echo Building library for iPhoneOS
xctool -project build-mac/libetpan.xcodeproj -sdk iphoneos$IOSSDK -scheme "libetpan ios" build ARCHS="armv7 armv7s arm64"
echo Building library for iPhoneSimulator
xctool -project build-mac/libetpan.xcodeproj -sdk iphonesimulator$IOSSDK -scheme "libetpan ios" build ARCHS="i386 x86_64"
echo Building library for Mac
xctool -project build-mac/libetpan.xcodeproj -sdk macosx$OSXSDK -scheme "static libetpan" build
echo Building framework for Mac
xctool -project build-mac/libetpan.xcodeproj -sdk macosx$OSXSDK -scheme "libetpan" build