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* <!-- encrypt_message() -->
* @brief Encrypt message in memory
* @param[in] session session handle
* @param[in,out] src message to encrypt - usually in-only, but can be
* in-out for unencrypted messages; in that case,
* we may attach the key and decorate the message
* @param[in] extra extra keys for encryption
* @param[out] dst pointer to new encrypted message or NULL if no
* encryption could take place
* @param[in] enc_format The desired format this message should be encrypted with
* @param[in] flags flags to set special encryption features
* @retval PEP_STATUS_OK on success
* @retval PEP_KEY_HAS_AMBIG_NAME at least one of the receipient keys has
* an ambiguous name
* @retval PEP_UNENCRYPTED on demand or no recipients with usable
* key, is left unencrypted, and key is
* attached to it
* @retval PEP_ILLEGAL_VALUE illegal parameter values
* @retval PEP_OUT_OF_MEMORY out of memory
* @retval any other value on error
* @warning the ownership of src remains with the caller
* the ownership of dst goes to the caller
* enc_format PEP_enc_inline_EA:
* internal format of the encrypted attachments is changing, see
* Only use this for transports without support for attachments
* when attached data must be sent inline
DYNAMIC_API PEP_STATUS encrypt_message(
PEP_SESSION session,
message *src,
stringlist_t *extra,
message **dst,
PEP_enc_format enc_format,
PEP_encrypt_flags_t flags