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@ -12,15 +12,6 @@ Install [MacPorts]( for your
Note that you need [Xcode installed](
for MacPorts, and for building the engine. You also need to accept Xcode's EULA.
*Note*: Use the script `` (or a similar one) to set up a clean build environment
before building the engine:
If you don't use that environment, please make sure you've set up all search paths correctly.
#### MacPorts dependencies
@ -32,6 +23,14 @@ sudo port install asn1c
sudo port install zlib
There are others, please refer to the engine README.txt.
Make sure that `python` is a version 2 one:
sudo port select python python27
### Other dependecies
#### [yml2](
@ -57,19 +56,6 @@ make
cp ./src/.libs/libetpan.a ~/lib/
##### libetpan with xcodebuild
The build with autoconf (see previous section) is preferred. This is just for completeness.
*Don't actually build libetpan with xcodebuild.*
git clone libetpan-osx
cd libetpan-osx/build-mac
xcodebuild -project libetpan.xcodeproj/ -target "static libetpan"
mkdir ~/lib
cp build/Release/libetpan.a ~/lib/
### Configuration
You can change some defaults by editing `Makefile.conf`. But this readme assumes you don't.
@ -102,13 +88,8 @@ Since the `system.db` rarely changes, `make -C db install` is not needed for eve
### Run tests
Make sure that you add `/opt/local/lib` to each definition of `LD_LIBRARY_PATH`
in `test/Makefile`. This ensures that libgpgme will be found:
test: pEpEngineTest
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib:~/lib:../src ./pEpEngineTest
If you installed the test keys in your keyring (README.txt),
this should just work:
make test