nk 3 years ago
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@ -215,7 +215,9 @@ protocol session {
myself is called by set_own_key without key generation.
me->flags are ignored
me->address must not be an alias
me->fpr will be ignored and replaced by fpr.
me->fpr will be ignored and replaced by fpr, but caller MUST surrender ownership of the
me->fpr reference, because it may be freed and replaced within the myself call. caller
owns me->fpr memory again upon return.
use hash fpr doc="fingerprint of the key to mark as own key";

@ -98,7 +98,15 @@ struct message {
protocol session {
method encrypt_message doc="encrypt message in memory"
method encrypt_message
encrypt message in memory. enc_format PEP_enc_inline_EA:
internal format of the encrypted attachments is changing, see
Only use this for transports without support for attachments
when attached data must be sent inline
// parms