ENGINE-866: doc'd bit getter function

Krista Bennett 2 years ago
parent ad725b5b7c
commit c64d850dc4

@ -609,7 +609,18 @@ PEP_STATUS get_valid_pubkey(PEP_SESSION session,
bool* is_address_default,
bool check_blacklist);
* <!-- get_key_sticky_bit_for_user() -->
* @brief Get value of sticky bit for this user and key
* @param[in] session PEP_SESSION
* @param[in] user_id user_id of key owner to get the sticky bit for
* @param[in] fpr fingerprint of user's key to consider
* @param[out] is_sticky (by reference) true if sticky bit is set for this user and fpr,
* else false
PEP_STATUS get_key_sticky_bit_for_user(PEP_SESSION session,
const char* user_id,
const char* fpr,