Volker Birk 2 years ago
parent 1e80a83bda
commit f2686c52a8

@ -75,13 +75,16 @@ typedef PEP_STATUS (*signal_sendto_result_t)(PEP_transport_id id, char *message_
typedef enum _callback_execution {
PEP_cbe_polling = 0, // execute callbacks immediately only
PEP_cbe_async, // execute callbacks later on any thread
PEP_cbe_async, // execute callbacks multiple times later on any
// thread; call with PEP_cbe_polling to disable
// the last one is for the transport system only
// do not implement it in transports
PEP_cbe_blocking = 255
} callback_execution;
// provide NULL for callbacks to avoid being called
typedef PEP_STATUS (*notify_transport_t)(signal_statuschange_t status_change,
signal_sendto_result_t sendto_result, callback_execution cbe);