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Devan Carpenter 9999900575 CI: build CentOS/RedHat 8 RPM packages
This commit cleans up the existing CI scripts a bit while adding jobs to
build RPM packages. The directory structure allows for easily adding more
package targets.

RPM outputs will only be uploaded on tagged commits.
2 years ago
Devan Carpenter de131e2d18 CI: add centos8 build 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter d54e9549c5
CI: add basic gitlab-ci jobs
Adds simple jobs for building the the Engine for Debian 10.

Pre-built docker images containing Sequoia will be pulled down and used
to build the Engine. Currently the Sequoia version is just the latest
from the `pep-engine` branch. We should make this selectable in the near

Upon successful compilation an image containing the build output will be
pushed to an internal docker registry.
2 years ago