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  Sofia Balicka ce528b3c46 more comments 11 months ago
  Sofia Balicka fe9a6cb363 replace #pragma once with include guards 1 year ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 46064ffd15 doxygen: added a whole lot of automated doc. Needs tweaking and more. 1 year ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 6d33475435 some doxygen stuff. might not be kept. 2 years ago
  Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett 0b8ada1cc4 set own ids in sync identity lists 2 years ago
  Krista Bennett f685decf24 Through the power of revert, fixed the modes I messed up in the last commit (sorry, new machine and dorking around caused an unintended large-scale mode reset) 3 years ago
  Krista Bennett 673c9876d0 Fixed weird little test bug, also part of the ENGINE-476 in here 3 years ago
  Volker Birk e4cfb490c6 adding license info to each file 5 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant bc4b76924a Sync : re-impl of sync message expiry based on message reception time stamp 5 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 7dd1fd4469 KEYSYNC: Added arbitrary hard coded sync message expiry (10m), and made special case when receiving groupKeys message so that they are not consumed giving a chance to other devices in the group to receive it as well. 5 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 7ea6a68f45 typo ? 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 9ed218cef4 switching to full list of identities 6 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder cf34e52822 compiler shows with -Wall some warnings about unused code etc. 6 years ago
  Volker Birk e56a37f4f9 caveat added 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 7ec5c338a5 documentation 6 years ago
  Volker Birk c0c1885c4a ... 6 years ago
  Volker Birk bdd01f1e99 converting KeyList 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 40f504e184 mapping internal to ASN.1 types 6 years ago