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// p≡p API Y language
// Copyleft (c) 2019-2020, p≡p foundation
// this file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
// see LICENSE.txt
// written by Volker Birk and Nana Karlstetter
decl package @name;
decl api @name (type=api) alias package;
decl type @name;
decl extends @type;
decl enum @name;
decl item @name;
decl struct @name;
decl field @type @name; // optional: function=free for a free function
decl internal < field >; // internal field, p≡p engine only
decl hex is item (output=hex);
decl flag @name;
decl protocol @name;
decl method @name;
decl construct, new is construct;
// readonly in parm, ownership remains with caller
decl use @type @name (mode=use) alias parm;
// inout parm, ownership remains with caller
decl supply @type @name (mode=supply) alias parm;
// factory delivers this, ownership goes to caller
decl create @type @name (mode=create) alias parm;
// in parm, ownership goes to callee
decl provide @type @name (mode=provide) alias parm;
// out parm, ownership goes to callee
decl return @type @name (mode=return) alias parm;
decl throws @except;
decl caveat(mode=caveat) alias doc;
// base types
// string text
// p≡p engine uses UTF-8 strings which are NFC normalized.
// Cf. https //
// binary binary data
// int signed integer number
// unsigned unsigned integer number
// size_t size in memory
// bool true or false
// timestamp point of time
// any any type
// collections
// list one or more elements, which have a sequence
// set one or more elements, which do not have a sequence
// pair two elements in sequence
package pEp {
api transport include ./transport_api.yml2
api message include ./message_api.yml2
api keymanagement include ./keymanagement_api.yml2
api basic include ./basic_api.yml2