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Build instructions for Fedora 31

Installing package dependencies

# Version control
dnf install -y mercurial git

# build dependencies (YML2, libetpan, asn1c)
dnf install -y python-lxml automake libtool autoconf

# build-essentials equivalent for rpm based systems
dnf groupinstall -y "Development Tools"
dnf install -y g++

# other engine dependencies (uuid, gpg, sqlite, asn1c)
dnf install -y libuuid-devel gpgme-devel libsqlite3x-devel libsqlite3x sqlite asn1c

Installing unpackaged dependencies


mkdir -p ~/code/yml2
git clone ~/code/yml2

libetpan (pEp Engine requires libetpan with a set of patches that have not been upstreamed yet)

mkdir -p ~/code/libetpan
git clone ~/code/libetpan
cd ~/code/libetpan
mkdir ~/code/libetpan/build
./ --prefix="$HOME/code/libetpan/build"
make install

pEp Engine

mkdir -p ~/code/pep-engine
hg clone ~/code/pep-engine
cd ~/code/pep-engine
mkdir ~/code/pep-engine/build

Edit the build configuration to your needs in Makefile.conf, or create a local.conf that sets any of the make variables documented in Makefile.conf. All the default values for the build configuration variables on each platform are documented in Makefile.conf.

If a dependency is not found in your system's default include or library paths, you will have to specify the according paths in a make variable. Typically, this has to be done at least for YML2, and libetpan.

For a more detailed explanation of the mechanics of these build configuration files, and overriding defaults, see the comments in Makefile.conf.

Below is a sample ./local.conf file, for orientation.





The engine is built as follows:

make all
make db


make dbinstall
make install

Testing (optional)

TODO: Instructions for dependencies (see also ../test/

The unit tests can be run without the engine library being installed, however system.db must be installed:

make dbinstall

Since system.db rarely changes, its installation is not needed for every build.

Tests can be compiled and executed with the following commands:

make -C test compile
make test