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Volker Birk d93e9646bc try_base_prepare_message() for signing 2 years ago
Makefile adding Distribution protocol family with KeyReset in it 2 years ago
cond_act_sync.yml2 PEP_KEY_UNSUITABLE is valid here 2 years ago
distribution.fsm adding version info 2 years ago
fsm.yml2 extend the DSL to support rate limits for messages 2 years ago
functions.ysl2 cut things in 4 years ago
gen_actions.ysl2 clearer 2 years ago
gen_codec.ysl2 ... 3 years ago
gen_doc.yml2 ... 3 years ago
gen_dot.ysl2 art & beauty 3 years ago
gen_message_func.ysl2 add own sync state for storing when last send was happening 2 years ago
gen_messages.ysl2 dates 2 years ago
gen_statemachine.ysl2 try_base_prepare_message() for signing 2 years ago
sql_func.yml2 removed spinlock 3 years ago
sync.fsm those are missing - thank you, Bernie! 2 years ago
sync.md more documentation 2 years ago
sync_protocol.md doc 3 years ago
sync_ux.md renaming to reflect documentation 3 years ago