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Building for OS X/macOS

See also README.txt for general information.


export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 is recommended on OS X.



Install MacPorts for your version of OS X/macOS.

Note that you need Xcode installed for MacPorts, and for building the engine. You also need to accept Xcode's EULA.

MacPorts dependencies

sudo port install mercurial
sudo port install py27-lxml
sudo port install gpgme
sudo port install automake
sudo port install asn1c
sudo port install zlib

There are others, please refer to the engine README.txt.

Make sure that python is a version 2 one:

sudo port select python python27

Other dependecies


Install into your home directory:

pushd ~
hg clone https://cacert.pep.foundation/dev/repos/yml2/


Note: libetpan needs libz and libiconv, but the libiconv from MacPorts is not compatible, some functions seem to have been renamed there. Therefore the dynlib from OS X is used.

git clone https://github.com/fdik/libetpan libetpan-osx
cd libetpan-osx/
cp ./src/.libs/libetpan.a ~/lib/


You can change some defaults by editing Makefile.conf. But this readme assumes you don't.


make clean
make all
make db

Done! The result should be (among others):



Install (you might need sudo for some commands, depending on how your system is set up):

make install
make -C db install

Since the system.db rarely changes, make -C db install is not needed for every build.

Run tests

If you installed the test keys in your keyring (README.txt), this should just work:

make test

Building for iOS

This is done with Xcode. Simply add pEpEngine.xcodeproj to your project and add a dependency to the target pEpEngine (in Target Dependencies in your Build Phases.

Usually you just integrate pEpiOSAdapter.xcodeproj.