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  Andreas Buff fc5efea412 MIME-19 adds test reproducing the issue 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff d4d0941990 Fixed: completely wrong header search paths 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 748c3a9f08 Add bug test. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff ebaeb2c2cf updates readme 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 99e6d8c716 IOSAD-214 Update search path. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 88b032a575 Merge branch 'IOSAD-214' 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 3a7ba36cae IOSAD-214 Build with the new objctypes name. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon eebb23f745 IOSAD-214 Update common pep dependencies. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 2df42154d7 IOSAD-214 PEPObjCTypes set to relative to group. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 3da47a2cd8 IOSAD-214 pEpEngine set to relative to group. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 8443ba1a31 IOSAD-214 Update code. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon ded510aee4 IOSAD-214 Fix dependencies. Projects should be in absolute path. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 38e51c75e9 IOSAD-214 Fix pEpMimeObjCAdapter dependencies. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 2d1b2002f6 adds HowTo install Rust toolchain to readme 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff bb22a5067c readme more consistant to our other readme's 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff ee81ba44e8 Adapts deps builder chagnes. Automatically fetches Engine plus dependencies now. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff c7e559b0d1 used new dependency builder 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 990fe5b549 uses new deps builder 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff f8c800fe44 adds dependency 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 250ea31c45 Adds test target to build scheme 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 5b146e8545 uses type conversion from new PEPObjCTypeUtils (to DRY) 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 07f7f09fd0 adjusts test expectations according to new info from MIME-17 & MIME-18. Updates readme, adds docs. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff c805fca82d adds temp direct C++ test to help pEpMIME dev debugging 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 54918835ef Tests up and running 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 2f89a3a867 adds test utils and test skeleton 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff db73dfb240 adds basic error handling, adds test type creation, cleaner production code 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff d40ce89a63 Extends public API for convenience reasons, betters intrernal interfaces 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 569ce8147c adds test suite 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 1b4f79a8cd adds test target 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff d8416eef2a adds scheme 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 9ad0bda11d makes required headers public 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff a933791112 full cycle implemented, builds 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 8a7ec5ba4f first sketch on whiteboard 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 36ef093114 adds workspace, copy artefacts script, readme 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff a18052d2c6 initial commit 1 year ago