1151 Commits (master)

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  Kevin Bullock 2560e7e504 compat: update how we register gitnode template keyword 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock c9a535b438 compat: glob some verify output that changed in hg 4.8 3 years ago
  Alain Leufroy 186b37af1f compat: fix for hg 4.8 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock c81e8fb26c doc: rewrap Contributing section, ugh 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock c089598e96 doc: add Contributing section to README 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 07d1886109 doc: reorganize README 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock e3b9a5e664 Added signature for changeset c651bb6fcf33 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 927334e10d Added tag 0.8.12 for changeset c651bb6fcf33 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 4869a49da8 compat: update testedwith and bump version number for release 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock d684ce0a30 compat: find listdir function in compat module 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 308449ad75 compat: extract function for differing phases.advanceboundary args 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 615ee06006 compat: find the right method to set active bookmark once 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 989ad67039 compat: drop compat code from hg < 1.9 (!!) 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 4f54956e31 compat: drop hg < 1.4 compat code (!!) 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock b7d7e5781f compat: drop hg < 1.8 compat code (!!) 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock c5162c74c0 compat: mark all compat-checking locations outside hggit.compat with "COMPAT:" 4 years ago
  Arne Babenhauserheide 079b4abec0 compat: support hg 4.7 demandimport.IGNORES API with fallback to 4.6 API 3 years ago
  Paul Morelle 19ee03392a overlaychangectx: fallback to self._hgrepo if self._repo attribute not found 3 years ago
  Sean Farley 2944363c89 overlaychangectx: also assign repo to self._repo 3 years ago
  Sean Farley ab24e8466f overlay: be more object oriented for overlaychangectx.parents 3 years ago
  Sean Farley b883f058ca compat: add compatibility for 4.6 mercurial.utils 3 years ago
  Sean Farley b73cd49393 gitrepo: implement commandexecutor for hg 4.6 3 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 1dd4f2b1ff compat: switch from hgutil.Abort to error.Abort 4 years ago
  Paul Morelle d991186e1a git_handler: use repo.__getitem__ instead of (removed) repo.changectx 3 years ago
  Paul Morelle 0776e4ea0f gitrepo: add missing 'intents' keyword (from hg 4.6) to gitrepo.__init__ 3 years ago
  Paul Morelle 3da986ab8e git-handler: fix deprecated API in next hg version 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock c40adb63b4 client: update to dulwich 0.19+ 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock b5efe60694 merge with 0.8.11 release 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 60877f3670 Added signature for changeset b90c69681d2d 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock e72587dc33 Added tag 0.8.11 for changeset b90c69681d2d 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 13d11f99cb version: bump version number to 0.8.11 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 93b931f867 compat: update testedwith for hg 4.5 release 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 072e9c0919 compat: extract function for memfilectx signature variants 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 552835d335 tests: glob out a hint that changed in hg 4.5 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 4217c4c4bc exchange: check for remote refs to determine if we're cloning 4 years ago
  Tony Tung 81bb38b564 compat: pass memctx to memfilectx constructor on hg 4.5+ 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock cd967e755d tests: restore the use of the right 'hg' when testing w/old versions 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock e8700702b8 tests: use our copy of run-tests.py when testing against older hg 4 years ago
  Kevin Bullock 5494b56a26 tests: remove now-redundant doctest runs from `make tests` 4 years ago
  Sean Farley c0797c87fb tests: add doctest test so we don't regress with those 4 years ago
  Sean Farley cc78afb73b tests: add pyflakes check to the test suite 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 787c57efcf cleanup: add a setup.cfg for flake8 rules to ignore 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 16e0828096 cleanup: put import at top of file 4 years ago
  Sean Farley ebca0c1fec git_handler: fix doctests 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 28145a054c tests: fix bad (re) match 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 6cad57c66b cleanup: wrap to 80 chars 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 897c39d4ab cleanup: add some blank lines 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 9f3cd6c879 cleanup: use tuple instead of list since path is immutable 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 3e297ea397 cleanup: use is not None instead of != 4 years ago
  Sean Farley fb851c3186 cleanup: put extra space before inline comment 4 years ago