38 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Bullock c40adb63b4 client: update to dulwich 0.19+ 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 16e0828096 cleanup: put import at top of file 4 years ago
  Sean Farley d03718fde1 cleanup: fix whitespace around operators 4 years ago
  Sean Farley 8f468749e1 cleanup: remove unused imports 4 years ago
  anatoly techtonik 0ddb3f029e Add version info to hggit for "hg --version -v" 7 years ago
  Augie Fackler ba14cf42c4 setup: mark version as 0.8.1 7 years ago
  Augie Fackler a6c21609fc Bump testedwith and hg-git version for release. 7 years ago
  Augie Fackler 713de5c84f setup: bump version for release 7 years ago
  Augie Fackler 8603211a79 setup: require newer dulwich so we can always pass an opener to HttpGitClient 7 years ago
  Augie Fackler afa1cc7747 Bump version number. 7 years ago
  Takumi IINO e7054e4382 setup: include document files to package. (issue114) 8 years ago
  Augie Fackler 697673d825 setup: bump version number, correct author 8 years ago
  Augie Fackler 0cf51286bc setup: bump version 8 years ago
  Augie Fackler 77f543e909 setup: bump dep on dulwich to 0.9.4 8 years ago
  Alex Regueiro 838fe0ff42 Updated `setup.py` file to reflect requirement on newer version of dulwich package. 8 years ago
  Augie Fackler 9cae6f1b29 Release 0.3.4 9 years ago
  Sean Farley 2a95f5c782 setup: fix typo forgetting brackets introduced in 5c1d4311440d 9 years ago
  David M. Carr f8712d22a9 dulwich: require 0.8.6 or greater 9 years ago
  Augie Fackler 5bc6eb74c9 submodules: only use the ordereddict backport if collections.OrderedDict is unavailable 9 years ago
  Augie Fackler b21983cb19 setup.py: bump version to 0.4.0 on the branch containing submodule support 9 years ago
  David M. Carr 8a4ba90923 help: add additional help topics 9 years ago
  Artem Tikhomirov c9c62450f5 Subrepos: generate .hgsubstate and .hgsub based on gitlinks and .gitmodules, preserve gitlinks on hg commit export. Tests included. Dependency from PyPI's ordereddict to use OrderedDict 9 years ago
  Augie Fackler 5f15d2351b Bump version number. 9 years ago
  Augie Fackler 8e7f0cbe45 Bump version number for release. 10 years ago
  Augie Fackler 9809137721 setup.py: bump version to 0.3.1 for bugfix release 10 years ago
  Augie Fackler 425490ac42 setup.py: correct dependency to 0.8.0 10 years ago
  Augie Fackler 37bff07dac Bump version for release. 10 years ago
  Augie Fackler 7aa7d0ce5c setup: require dulwich 0.8.1 10 years ago
  Augie Fackler 2bb80b0f76 setup.py: bump to version 0.2.6 11 years ago
  Augie Fackler 0f044bde9e setup: bump version to 0.2.5 11 years ago
  Augie Fackler 05442293b7 setup: bump version number 11 years ago
  Augie Fackler c8cc39c393 Bump version to 0.2.3 12 years ago
  Augie Fackler ac9e295324 Bump version 0.2.2 12 years ago
  Augie Fackler 7deece851c Require dulwich 0.6.0 12 years ago
  Augie Fackler ef7dd0fe9e setup.py: depend on dulwich 0.5.1 or later 12 years ago
  Augie Fackler 0e944cafae setup: bump to 0.2.1 12 years ago
  Augie Fackler b58b345763 setup: bump to 0.2.0 12 years ago
  Kevin Bullock e765b995ee package with distutils 12 years ago