Build pEp in MacPorts
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pEp software on MacPorts

Note: pEp software on MacPorts is EXPERIMENTAL

Repository setup

Add this to ${prefix}/etc/macports/sources.conf:

sudo open -e /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf

And add this line on top of the other source lines:

and if you want to hack the Portfiles locally, use a file:// URL; using three slashes (file:///) for absolute paths:



sudo port selfupdate


sudo port install pep-adapter-thunderbird


After installation, the pEp JSON Server should be available:

  • /opt/local/pEp/bin/pEp-mini-json-adapter

The binary is installed under /opt/local/bin (i.e. ${prefix}/bin), which is usually NOT on PATH, thus the mini adapter lookup sequence will NOT find this binary by default.

To run the JSON server in a terminal and observe the debug output, start it as follows:

/opt/local/pEp/bin/pEp-mini-json-adapter -l stderr -d1


Uninstall the JSON server and its dependencies using MacPorts:

sudo port uninstall pep-adapter-thunderbird libpep-adapter libpep-adapter-webserver libpep-engine-thunderbird libpep-etpan py-yml2

And finally you may want to remove the repository URL from ${prefix}/etc/macports/sources.conf.

Update policy

This repository is not yet receiving regular updates.


No public support for this MacPorts is offered, yet.