Build pEp in MacPorts
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pEp software on MacPorts

Note: pEp software on MacPorts is EXPERIMENTAL

Repository setup

Add this to ${prefix}/etc/macports/sources.conf:

sudo open -e /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf

And add this line on top of the other source lines:

and if you want to hack the Portfiles locally, use a file:// URL; using three slashes (file:///) for absolute paths:



sudo port selfupdate


sudo port install pep-adapter-enigmail


After installation, the pEp JSON Server should be available:

  • /opt/local/bin/pep-json-server

If you have /opt/local/bin in your PATH, then Enigmail will find it and it will override the internal server provided in the pepmda bundle. You may need to kill the previously started server.

To run the JSON server in a terminal and observe the debug output, start it as follows:

/opt/local/bin/pep-json-server -l stderr -d1


Uninstall the JSON server and its dependencies using MacPorts:

sudo port uninstall pep-adapter-enigmail libpep-engine-enigmail libpep-etpan py-yml2

And finally you may want to remove the repository URL from ${prefix}/etc/macports/sources.conf.

Update policy

This repository is not yet receiving regular updates.


No public support for this MacPorts is offered, yet. General support for Enigmail is available.