Build pEp in MacPorts
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PORT_PREFIX := /opt/local
SLUG = macports-pep
CHECK_CLEAN := @git diff-index --quiet HEAD -- >/dev/null 2>&1 || echo "*** WARNING: Uncommited changes, do not publish! ***"
all: ../$(SLUG).tar.gz
# $(PORT_PREFIX)/bin/portindex
.PHONY: ../$(SLUG).tar.gz
-@rm -f ../$(SLUG).tar ../$(SLUG).tar.gz
# mkdir -p ..
# See*
for PLAT in \
darwin_11_i386 darwin_12_i386 darwin_13_i386 darwin_14_i386 darwin_15_i386 \
darwin_16_i386 darwin_17_i386 darwin_18_i386 darwin_19_i386 \
darwin_20_i386 darwin_20_arm ; do \
$(PORT_PREFIX)/bin/portindex -p "$${PLAT}" -o ../ports/PortIndex_"$${PLAT}" ; \
git archive --format=tar --prefix=ports/ -o ../$(SLUG).tar HEAD \
mail python security
# tar -r -f ../$(SLUG).tar ../ports/PortIndex_darwin_{11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18}_i386
gzip -9 ../$(SLUG).tar
rm -rf ../ports
rm -f ../$(SLUG).tar ../$(SLUG).tar.gz PortIndex PortIndex.quick