A rewrite in C++ and wxWidgets of a minimalistic pEp Linux Setup for Thuderbird.
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[submodule "contrib/pstreams"]
path = contrib/pstreams
url = https://gitea.pep.foundation/claudio/pstreams-mods.git
branch = master
[submodule "contrib/buffer"]
path = contrib/buffer
url = https://github.com/miguelibero/buffer.git
[submodule "contrib/inih"]
path = contrib/inih
url = https://github.com/jtilly/inih.git
[submodule "contrib/pEp/ImportFromEnigmail"]
path = contrib/pEp/ImportFromEnigmail
url = https://gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/ImportFromEnigmail
branch = tb-profile-lock
[submodule "contrib/pEp/pEpForThunderbird"]
path = contrib/pEp/pEpForThunderbird
url = https://pep-security.lu/gitlab/thunderbird/pEpForThunderbird.git
branch = master
[submodule "contrib/pEp/pEpLinuxBuilder"]
path = contrib/pEp/pEpLinuxBuilder
url = http://pep-security.lu/gitlab/marcel/peplinuxbuilder.git