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@ -4,21 +4,23 @@
// this file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
// see LICENSE.txt
// written by Volker Birk
// written by Nana Karlstetter and Volker Birk
type ISO639_1 extends string size=2 > a-z
type ISO639_1 is string size=2 > a-z
type hex extends string > a-f0-9
type hex is string > a-f0-9
type hash doc="32bit Key ID to SHA512 in hex"
extends hex min=16, max=128;
is hex min=16, max=128;
type hash_list doc="sequence of fingerprints of keys"
extends list< hash >;
is list< hash >;
type TID doc="UUID version 4 variant 1"
extends binary size=16;
is binary size=16;
type blob_list is list < blob >;
enum comm_type {

@ -38,6 +38,16 @@ decl return @type @name (mode=return) alias parm;
decl throws @except;
decl caveat(mode=caveat) alias doc;
// base types
// string: text
// int: integer number
// blob: Binary Large Object
// collections
// list: one or more elements, which have a sequence
// set: one or more elements, which do not have a sequence
package pEp {
api transport include ./transport_api.yml2