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# Known Problems
There are 5 (maybe 6) tests that currently fail which are the function of
broken tests, not the engine. They are on the agenda to fix (expired
keys inside imported mails, etc). You'll see something like this - please
ignore for this particular second in time:
170 ms: ./EngineTests SubkeyRatingEvalTest.check_subkey_rating_eval_no_es
170 ms: ./EngineTests SubkeyRatingEvalTest.check_subkey_rating_eval_revoked_sign_no_alt
253 ms: ./EngineTests SubkeyRatingEvalTest.check_subkey_rating_eval_weak_e_strong_ecc_se
1189 ms: ./EngineTests KeyResetMessageTest.check_non_reset_receive_revoked
1376 ms: ./EngineTests KeyResetMessageTest.check_reset_receive_revoked
The normal run of the tests in parallel eats output. Try running the individual test case as above if you need to see a test case's output.