Now works for self-downloaded and Macports distributions. updated. Will merge this into default.

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@ -71,16 +71,39 @@ goes in. Guessing `/opt/local/src`.
#### Downloading and compiling the source yourself
For now, don't.
Or do, and document it for me.
If you were using the git repo and it was working before, please follow the
instructions above for Debian/Ubuntu, only with your source repository in mind
instead of `/usr/src`, and pay attention to the variables you'll need to set in
`local.conf` for the Makefile - they are different from before.
It should work, but I haven't tested it yet.
1. Get the source, Fred. (Luke is tired of the source, I hear.)
git clone
2. Switch into the source directory and find the directory
containing the `src` and `include` directories. Mark this directory
for later. (For me, this is `./googletest/googletest`)
3. Edit `CMakeLists.txt` here to contain the following line at the top:
(If you don't, it won't compile, and I will shake my fist at you.)
4. Execute, in this directory:
cmake CMakeLists.txt
5. In the lib directory of your current directory are located the
library files you'll use. Copy or symlink them to the library location
of your choice (make sure this is a directory that can be seen during
the test build process - i.e. one that's in one of the library paths
used in building. Mine are located in `$HOME/lib`.
6. See `Makefile` and `local.conf` under "Building the test suite" -
In this scenario, I set GTEST_SRC_DIR googletest/googletest under the
directory I checked out googletest in (i.e. the absolute path of where
the `src` and `include` directories were above - for me,
### Installing `gtest-parallel`
Pick a source directory and put your `gtest-parallel` source there
@ -98,9 +121,9 @@ variables here, but if you need to override them, please either create or modify
`local.conf` in the top-level engine directory as needed. The relevant variables
* `GTEST_SRC_DIR`: This is the directory where the gtest source you compiled
above is located (defaults to `/usr/src/gtest`)
* `GTEST_INC_DIR`: This is where the include files for gtest are located
* `GTEST_SRC_DIR`: This is the directory where you compiled googletest above
(defaults to `/usr/src/gtest`)
* `GTEST_INC_DIR`: This is where the include files for googletest are located
(defaults to `$(GTEST_SRC_DIR)/include`)
* `GTEST_PL`: This is the full path to the *python file* for `gtest_parallel`
(default presumes you cloned it under `src` in your home directory, i.e. it is
@ -168,3 +191,17 @@ have found a dastardly bug in the engine, but it can also be a test issue.
# Creating new tests
Script next on the agenda...
# Known Problems
There are 5 (maybe 6) tests that currently fail which are the function of
broken tests, not the engine. They are on the agenda to fix (expired
keys inside imported mails, etc). You'll see something like this - please
ignore for this particular second in time:
170 ms: ./EngineTests SubkeyRatingEvalTest.check_subkey_rating_eval_no_es
170 ms: ./EngineTests SubkeyRatingEvalTest.check_subkey_rating_eval_revoked_sign_no_alt
253 ms: ./EngineTests SubkeyRatingEvalTest.check_subkey_rating_eval_weak_e_strong_ecc_se
1189 ms: ./EngineTests KeyResetMessageTest.check_non_reset_receive_revoked
1376 ms: ./EngineTests KeyResetMessageTest.check_reset_receive_revoked