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  Krista Bennett b2f57d4124 ENGINE-950: doc bugs 5 months ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen c7243a66e4 removed command for using branch 'sync' (no longer relevant) 2 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen 3ca24f9fe3 marked testing section optional, added TODO for dependencies and hint 2 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 68f47ae0ea Add headings to doc 2 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen 15887f4bde install also g++ ! 2 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 8a9764e9c5 Document installation of right UUID library 2 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 5d2c01bbad Add fedora build instructions 2 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 400d667bcc Remove deprecated default.conf 3 years ago
  Krista Bennett f685decf24 Through the power of revert, fixed the modes I messed up in the last commit (sorry, new machine and dorking around caused an unintended large-scale mode reset) 3 years ago
  Krista Bennett 673c9876d0 Fixed weird little test bug, also part of the ENGINE-476 in here 3 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 77aa06baae Add missing build dependency to documentation 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 7efe55bc59 Remove cacert from documentation 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 2c5a968d17 Update documentation to reflect the changes to Makefile.conf 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart e858e82744 Add default.conf into the build system 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 4f2f1deed0 Correct apt package name in documentation 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 5565df59fb Make Makefile ready for local.conf, add deprecation warning to doc 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 14214838c1 Formatting cleanup 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 51dabe081c Clean up doc/readme.md, Linux- and macOS-specific instructions 4 years ago