p≡p engine fork for my own dirty testing of stuff
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#pragma once
#include "pEpEngine.h"
#include <time.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
// all functions are using POSIX struct tm
typedef struct tm timestamp;
typedef enum _PEP_transports {
// auto transport chooses transport per message automatically
PEP_trans_auto = 0,
// PEP_trans_email,
// PEP_trans_whatsapp,
} PEP_transports;
typedef struct _PEP_transport_t PEP_transport_t;
typedef struct _identity_list {
pEp_identity *ident;
struct _identity_list *next;
} identity_list;
identity_list *new_identity_list(const pEp_identity *ident);
identity_list *identity_list_dup(const identity_list *src);
void free_identity_list(identity_list *id_list);
identity_list *identity_list_add(identity_list *id_list, const pEp_identity *ident);
typedef enum _msg_format {
format_plain = 0,
} msg_format;
typedef enum _msg_direction {
dir_incoming = 0,
} msg_direction;
struct _message_ref_list;
typedef struct _message {
msg_direction dir;
char * id;
size_t id_size;
char * shortmsg;
size_t shortmsg_size;
char * longmsg;
size_t longmsg_size;
char * longmsg_formatted;
size_t longmsg_formatted_size;
msg_format format;
char * rawmsg;
size_t rawmsg_size;
timestamp sent;
timestamp recv;
pEp_identity *from;
identity_list *to;
pEp_identity *recv_by;
identity_list *cc;
identity_list *bcc;
char * refering_id;
size_t refering_id_size;
struct _message *refering_msg;
struct _message_ref_list *refered_by;
} message;
typedef struct _message_ref_list {
message *msg_ref;
struct _message_ref_list *next;
} message_ref_list;
message *new_message(
msg_direction dir,
const pEp_identity *from,
const identity_list *to,
const char *shortmsg
void free_message(message *msg);
message_ref_list *new_message_ref_list(message *msg);
void free_message_ref_list(message_ref_list *msg_list);
message_ref_list *message_ref_list_add(message_ref_list *msg_list, message *msg);
typedef PEP_STATUS (*sendto_t)(PEP_SESSION session, const message *msg);
typedef PEP_STATUS (*readnext_t)(PEP_SESSION session, message **msg, PEP_transport_t **via);
struct _PEP_transport_t {
uint8_t id;
sendto_t sendto;
readnext_t readnext;
bool long_message_supported;
msg_format native_format;
typedef uint64_t transports_mask;
PEP_STATUS init_transport_system(PEP_SESSION session);
void release_transport_system(PEP_SESSION session);