p≡p engine fork for my own dirty testing of stuff
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Building the Engine Test Suite

Caveat, before you begin

Right now, the engine tests only function on *nix-like systems (including MacOS). (Conversion to Windows will require, at the very least, looking at some of the file-handling code.) If you want to fix this, start by looking in Engine.cc in the test/src directory!


In addition to the engine requirements, you will need:

  • cmake
  • python3

Preparing to build

The Engine test suite now requires (at least) two additional pieces to run - googletest and gtest-parallel. You will note that I give specific instructions about where to put these, because that is what I have tried and tested. That does NOT mean other things won’t work; I simply haven’t tried them. So without further ado…


googletest is an XUnit testing framework we are now using in place of cpptest. Unlike a lot of other testing frameworks, it’s recommended that you compile and link the test code directly within your project. These instructions do with with cmake. If you can manage it with bazel instead, more power to you ;)

So. To get things started.

In the directory of your choice (default, if you don’t want to change local.conf - specifically GTEST_DIR - is the test directory (this one, presumably)):

  1. git clone https://github.com/google/googletest.git
  2. cd googletest
  3. cmake .
  4. make

(Note that this hasn’t been tested in other directories, so I am presuming the Makefile works as is, but I could be wrong)


Again, in the directory of your choice (if you want to use the Makefile out of the box, you should, while still in the googletest directory, do the following):

  1. git clone https://github.com/google/gtest-parallel.git
  2. If using a different directory, please change GTEST_PL_DIR to indicate where gtest-parallel.py is located.

Building the test suite

Presuming the above works, then from the top test directory, simply run make.

Running the Engine Test Suite

To simply run the test suite and see what tests fail...

Do one of:

  1. make test OR
  2. python3 <path to gtest-parallel.py> ./EngineTests

To run individual test suites, especially for debugging purposes

  1. To run sequentially, IN THE SAME PROCESS: ./EngineTests TestSuiteName* (for example, for DeleteKeyTest: ./EngineTests DeleteKeyTest*)
  2. To debug the same: lldb ./EngineTests TestSuiteName*
  3. To run sequentially IN DIFFERENT PROCESSES: (FIXME - is this really the case?)

Creating new tests

Script next on the agenda...