Import data from Enigmail to pEp for Thunderbird
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# coding=UTF-8
import os
from unix import *
from _winreg import OpenKey, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, QueryValueEx
path = r"Software\Clients\Mail\Mozilla Thunderbird\InstallInfo"
with OpenKey(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, path) as key:
keyval = QueryValueEx(key, "ReinstallCommand")
regstring = keyval[0]
path_start = regstring.find('\"')
path_end = regstring.find('\"', path_start+1)
path = regstring[path_start+1:path_end]
uninstall_path = os.path.split(path)[0]
thunderbird_base = os.path.dirname(uninstall_path)
per_user_directory = os.path.join(os.environ['LOCALAPPDATA'], '.pEp')