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Dirk Zimmermann e45d2c6cb0 Merge branch 'IOS-2945' 5 months ago
boost.code Completely remove the ./b2 install 7 months ago
capnp.code IPS-105 fixes: "Bad CPU type in executable" error cross building capnp libs 10 months ago
cryptopp.code updates cryptopp to fist version officially supporting Apple M1 builds 7 months ago
gmp.code IOS-2882 build nettle 4 iOS works 1 year ago
iconv.code IOS-2882 build nettle 4 iOS works 1 year ago
nettle.code IOS-2945 Update `whereis` for nettle/monterey 6 months ago
openssl.code initial commit 1 year ago
pEpAdapter.code adds target to build downloadclient dependencies 1 year ago
pEpminijsonadapter.code fixes: jsonadapter always build for debug 1 year ago
pEpwebserver.code fixes: wrong webserver version cloned (versions.plist ignored) 1 year ago
sequoia.code IOSAD-236 switches back to old sequoia (ffi not backend) which is now in new repo 8 months ago