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positron db19a2497e pEp_set_pid_and_tid: do not use gettid that would require a recent kernel
This helps when building against very old Linux headers.  However I would like
to conditionalise this fallback solution, since gettid gives ids which are much
nicer to use for debugging.
2023-04-05 18:36:23 +02:00
positron 23e4c8b9b4 NEWS 2023-04-04 15:18:32 +02:00
positron c9a3f0817c New API functions: stringlist_cons, stringlist_reversed, identity_list_cons, identity_list_cons_copy, identity_list_reversed 2023-04-04 15:17:02 +02:00
positron f765b4ea21 README: trivial updates 2023-03-29 11:22:01 +02:00
positron 0ba1198e29 string_utilities.h: comment change 2023-03-29 11:17:15 +02:00
positron bca71c86da add CI badge; thanks to Dvn 2023-03-24 10:59:05 +01:00
positron 471bd755a1 improve release script 2023-03-23 14:12:28 +01:00
positron 35d4507ef6 improve my release script for working with release branches 2023-03-23 14:07:28 +01:00
positron 2a6e7832cf add trailing "+" sign to version after 3.2.1, prepend an empty line to NEWS 2023-03-23 13:33:35 +01:00
positron f2c6515435 set version to 3.2.1 2023-03-23 13:33:35 +01:00
positron 6264637c81 DEPENDENCIES: require an official release of libpEpTransport 2023-03-23 13:28:29 +01:00
positron c033e22c1a release script: no longer allow RCs from release branches 2023-03-23 13:07:41 +01:00
positron b14f00ae65 release script: no longer allow release from master 2023-03-23 12:51:47 +01:00
positron 451afd9898 add trailing "+" sign to version after 3.2.0, prepend an empty line to NEWS 2023-03-23 11:40:36 +01:00
positron 728704c1d2 set version to 3.2.0 2023-03-23 11:40:35 +01:00
positron a0e79a0d88 comment change 2023-03-22 14:26:22 +01:00
positron 96d8d7ba37 NEWS 2023-03-22 14:21:14 +01:00
positron 7b05ceaef6 NEWS 2023-03-22 14:17:03 +01:00
positron 55b6ce2ed0 solve intermittent test suite failures by initialising the path cache very early
This is a slightly dirty hack, but it only affects the Engine test suite.
Closes .
2023-03-22 14:15:21 +01:00
positron b1185fb986 YML API: add commented-out stubs and method specification. Some might be moved to other files: the boundary between each API is not completely clear to me 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron f7f968edba YML API: add commented-out stubs for API functions not following the general pattern 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron 7931767807 YML API: add new exception for get_crashdump_log 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron e5518a95de YML API: add config_enable_log_synchronous 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron c6b213daef YML api: add sync API stub 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron 8f657b6a5c pEpEngine.h: get_crashdump_log comment change 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron a6ba4fb975 api/basic_api.yml2: remove config_service_log, which is deprecated and should not be used in new code 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron 04c4146e66 api/message_api.yml2: update enc_format definition adding missing cases 2023-03-22 12:00:33 +01:00
positron f9fb644198 NEWS: fix typos 2023-03-21 18:34:56 +01:00
positron 3670b2c19e NEWS 2023-03-17 13:54:23 +01:00
positron 879c3dde89 Merge pull request 'CI Pipeline Refactor' (#147) from dvn/ci-refactor2023 into master
2023-03-17 13:51:28 +01:00
Devan Carpenter d7d9933b17
CI: execute testsuite in pipeline
After a successful build we should also run the testsuite. This commit
adds another stage to our CI pipeline which will do just that. This also
required some additions to the dependencies image.
2023-03-16 21:04:03 -05:00
Devan Carpenter 4966282fce
CI: use pEpEngineSequoiaBackend
We don't use Sequoia without pEpEngineSequoiaBackend anymore. This
commits makes the CI build use it.
2023-03-16 21:04:03 -05:00
Devan Carpenter a51a773d20
CI: use Docker-in-Docker instead of KVM
This is faster and supported by more of our Runners than the KVM
2023-03-16 21:04:02 -05:00
Devan Carpenter a3d3313467
CI: add libpEpTransport to deps
libpEpTransport is a requirement for building the Engine.
2023-03-16 21:04:02 -05:00
Devan Carpenter 2cb73e4ca6
CI: bump images to Debian 11
Debian 10 is old now. We should stay with current Debian Stable.
2023-03-16 21:04:02 -05:00
Devan Carpenter f81fbbf53d
CI: use dedicated subdir for CI scripts
We want to be intentional about which scripts are used for CI and which
are not. We do this by moving CI scripts into their own subdir.
2023-03-16 21:03:56 -05:00
Devan Carpenter 05c0a1afab
CI: remove CentOS target
CentOS is not synced with RHEL anymore, and that can be fixed by
switching to RockyLinux, but we don't have a need to test for either at
the moment. In the future we may add RockyLinux to the pipeline.
2023-03-16 17:40:19 -05:00
positron cd26319ee7 test suite: remove a file that gets regenerated with different content from git
Instead of keeping test/test_mails/ENGINE-654_bob_mail.eml in the git repository
keep a copy of it named differently, and copy the file into place right before
running the test suite.  This avoids noise on
  git status
after running the test suite.
2023-03-16 13:12:30 +01:00
positron 34f9e7958b add trailing "+" sign to version after 3.2.0-RC27, prepend an empty line to NEWS 2023-03-16 11:04:58 +01:00
positron d2451a6e9e set version to 3.2.0-RC27 2023-03-16 11:04:57 +01:00
positron 409b18e95f NEWS 2023-03-15 19:36:26 +01:00
positron 7cfb8de85b upgrade_revoc_contact_to_13: fix, keeping the same semantics...
...Even if I am not completely sure that the existing semantics was intended.
Anyway this only affects upgrades from very old database versions.
2023-03-15 19:34:29 +01:00
positron d2c757b6fc engine_sql.c: use high-level debugging macros in a place where I can in fact afford it 2023-03-15 19:34:29 +01:00
positron 37fcdac6a5 test suite fix: avoid an absolute path containing /home/luca/ -- tests should actually work on machines different from mine 2023-03-15 19:34:29 +01:00
positron 3809fe357e test suite, tentative: tentatively add a generated test file which is created by a test case and read by another: this breaks parallel test stuite runs, particularly on CI systems where testing always starts in a clean directory 2023-03-15 19:34:29 +01:00
positron 55c120edfd test suite: Crashdumptest.check_crashdump: do not fail when database-destination logging is disabled 2023-03-15 19:34:29 +01:00
positron fb43bd07f4 add trailing "+" sign to version after 3.2.0-RC26, prepend an empty line to NEWS 2023-03-03 13:52:25 +01:00
positron 8be1f3bee8 set version to 3.2.0-RC26 2023-03-03 13:52:25 +01:00
positron 0c51fa17f5 NEWS 2023-03-03 13:52:22 +01:00
positron d4486a3b42 Merge pull request 'gitea-139 [xcode] Add string_utilities.c' (#144) from dirk/pEpEngine:gitea-139 into master
2023-03-03 13:48:10 +01:00