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  1. pushd .
  2. cd %1\sync
  3. python %YML_PATH%\yml2proc -E utf-8 -y gen_actions.ysl2 sync.fsm
  4. python %YML_PATH%\yml2proc -E utf-8 -y gen_statemachine.ysl2 sync.fsm
  5. python %YML_PATH%\yml2proc -E utf-8 -y gen_codec.ysl2 sync.fsm
  6. python %YML_PATH%\yml2proc -E utf-8 -y gen_messages sync.fsm
  7. python %YML_PATH%\yml2proc -E utf-8 -y gen_message_func sync.fsm
  8. xcopy /y generated\*.asn1 ..\asn.1\
  9. xcopy /y generated\*.c ..\src\
  10. xcopy /y generated\*.h ..\src\
  11. cd %1\asn.1
  12. ..\..\Tools\asn1c\bin\asn1c -S ../../Tools/asn1c/share/asn1c -gen-PER -fincludes-quoted -fcompound-names -pdu=auto pEp.asn1 keysync.asn1 sync.asn1
  13. popd