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p≡p Engine
0. What it is and building it
0. What it is
The p≡p engine is a Free Software library encapsulating implementations of:
@ -37,6 +37,24 @@ adapters for a variety of programming languages and development environments.
p≡p engine is under Gnu General Public License v3. If you want to use it under
a different license, please contact
1. Dependencies
p≡p engine is depending on the following FOSS libraries:
libetpan, see
zlib, see
OpenSSL, see
iconv, see
Cyrus SASL, see
GnuPG via GPGME, see
NetPGP/p≡p, see
2. Building p≡p engine
p≡p engine has an old style Makefile for building it.
The build is configured in Makefile.conf
@ -58,7 +76,8 @@ On Windows, use Visual Studio.
For cross-building, BUILD_FOR is being used. I.e.:
$ BUILD_FOR=yourOS make -e windist
$ BUILD_FOR=yourOS make -e
2. How to build the databases
@ -72,7 +91,11 @@ The managment db is being created by the first call of init() of p≡p Engine. I
does not need to be created manually. system.db is being created by using the
DDL in db/create_system_db.sql – the content is created by db/
out of hunspell's dictionary packages (or something similar) and then being
imported using sqlite3's .import command.
imported using sqlite3's .import command. Dictionary files for different
languages are part of p≡p engine source distribution.
$ make db
$ make -C db install
You can test the Trustwords in system.db using db/
Both Python tools have a switch --help