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// This file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
// see LICENSE.txt
#pragma once
/* structs to contain info about parsed resource ids (filenames, uids) */
typedef enum _resource_id_type {
} pEp_resource_id_type;
typedef struct pEp_rid_list_t pEp_rid_list_t;
struct pEp_rid_list_t {
pEp_resource_id_type rid_type;
char* rid;
pEp_rid_list_t* next;
pEp_rid_list_t* new_rid_node(pEp_resource_id_type type, const char* resource);
void free_rid_list(pEp_rid_list_t* list);
pEp_rid_list_t* parse_uri(const char* uri);
char* build_uri(const char* uri_prefix, const char* resource);
const char* get_resource_ptr_noown(const char* uri);
char* get_resource(char* uri);
bool is_file_uri(char* str);
bool is_cid_uri(const char* str);