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Information about the pEp Engine


The p≡p Engine depends on the following projects:

The pEp Engine's databases

The p≡p Engine uses two databases:

  • the management database
    • ~/.pEp_management on *NIX
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\pEp\management.db on Windows
  • the Trustword database
    • /usr/local/share/system.db on *NIX
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\pEp\system.db on Windows

The management db is created by the first call of init() of p≡p Engine. It does not need to be created manually. system.db is created by using the DDL in db/create_system_db.sql; the database content is created by db/dic2csv.py out of hunspell's dictionary packages (or something similar) and then imported using sqlite3's .import command. Dictionary files for different languages are part of the p≡p Engine source distribution.

You can test the Trustwords in system.db using db/trustwords.py. Both Python tools have a --help switch.