pEp for Java
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include Makefile.conf
all: $(JAR) $(LIBRARY)
JAVA_SOURCES=org/pEp/jniadapter/ \
org/pEp/jniadapter/ \
org/pEp/jniadapter/ \
org/pEp/jniadapter/ \
org_pEp_jniadapter_Engine.h \ \
org_pEp_jniadapter_Message.h \ \
throw_pEp_exception.hh \
gensource: $(JAVA_SOURCES) $(C_SOURCES)
javac org/pEp/jniadapter/*.java
jar cf $@ org/pEp/jniadapter/*.class
org_pEp_jniadapter_AbstractEngine.h: org/pEp/jniadapter/
javah $(subst /,.,$(subst .java,,$<))
org_pEp_jniadapter_Engine.h: org/pEp/jniadapter/
javah $(subst /,.,$(subst .java,,$<))
org_pEp_jniadapter_Message.h: org/pEp/jniadapter/
javah $(subst /,.,$(subst .java,,$<))
org_pEp_jniadapter_AbstractEngine.o: %.o: %.h throw_pEp_exception.hh jniutils.hh
org_pEp_jniadapter_Engine.o org_pEp_jniadapter_Message.o: %.o: %.h
$(LIBRARY): org_pEp_jniadapter_AbstractEngine.o org_pEp_jniadapter_Engine.o org_pEp_jniadapter_Message.o throw_pEp_exception.o jniutils.o
ar -r $@ *.o
org/pEp/jniadapter/ pEp.yml2 gen_java_exceptions.ysl2
yml2proc -y gen_java_exceptions.ysl2 $< -o $@
org/pEp/jniadapter/ org/pEp/jniadapter/ : pEp.yml2 gen_java_Message.ysl2 types_java.ysl2
yml2proc -y gen_java_Message.ysl2 $< : pEp.yml2 gen_cpp_Message.ysl2 types_c.ysl2
yml2proc -y gen_cpp_Message.ysl2 $< throw_pEp_exception.hh: pEp.yml2 gen_throw_pEp_exception.ysl2 textutils.ysl2
yml2proc -y gen_throw_pEp_exception.ysl2 $< -o
throw_pEp_exception.o: throw_pEp_exception.hh
.PHONY: clean
rm -f $(JAR) $(LIBRARY)
rm -f *.o
rm -f *.class
rm -f org_pEp_jniadapter_*.h
rm -f org/pEp/jniadapter/*.class
rm -f org/pEp/jniadapter/pEp*.java
rm -f org/pEp/jniadapter/
rm -f org/pEp/jniadapter/
rm -f org/pEp/jniadapter/
rm -f throw_pEp_exception.*
rm -f