some common things in C

Updated 1 year ago

p≡p for Python

Updated 12 months ago

signed and encrypted packages

Updated 7 months ago

Archived: Now pEpPythonAdapter has been "officially" migrated to git:

Updated 2 years ago

client implementation for p≡p update server

Updated 5 months ago

Managing changes for CPython, for configuring and compiling it on z/OS, and other minor bugfixes to be submitted to upstream.

Updated 10 months ago

A baseline for ongoing development of C++ coding-conventions and best practices that can be adopted with ease. lets collectively increase consistency and code-quality by sharing experience, discussing options, and manifest decisions in this repo.

Updated 6 months ago

Platform-independent connection and server settings configuration

Updated 11 months ago

Website for the bigbrother awards

Updated 4 years ago

p≡p MIME library

Updated 1 year ago

C library to help making applications portable (ARCHIVED). Issue tracking on GIthub for historical reasons.

Updated 3 years ago

p≡p engine

Updated 1 year ago

A clone of ssh://, until that one is open source again.

Updated 2 years ago

p≡p engine

Updated 2 years ago

KDE PIM support for the p≡p engine

Updated 1 year ago