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7 years ago
decl a(href);
decl Code alias pre {
decl ne is a {
div id=headline {
p > YML Why a Markup Language?!
div class=small {
7 years ago
"YML 2.5.5 of We Aug 24 2016 Copyleft 2007-2016, "
7 years ago
a "", "Volker Birk";
" "
a "", "Download YML 2";
div id=navigation {
h1 a "index", "Introduction";
ne "index#xml", "XML";
ne "index#motivation", "Motivation";
ne "index#howitworks", "How it works";
ne "index#ylanguages", "Y Languages";
h1 a "programming", "Using YML 2";
ne "programming#wiki", "A Wiki like language";
ne "programming#how", "How does that work?";
ne "programming#details", "Details, please!";
ne "programming#using", "Using it";
h1 a "features", "Features";
ne "features#text", "Text";
ne "features#functioncalls", "Function Calls";
ne "features#decl", "Declaring Functions";
ne "features#quoting", "Quoting Operators";
ne "features#including", "Including YML Files";
ne "features#python", "Escaping into Python";
ne "features#comments", "Comments";
h1 a "yslt", "YSLT";
ne "yslt#intro", "Introduction into YSLT";
ne "yslt#hello", "Hello, World";
ne "yslt#programming", "Programming in YSLT";
ne "yslt#htmlgen", "Generating HTML out of a DSL";
ne "yslt#codegen", "Generating Java code out of a DSL";
ne "yslt#ddlgen", "Generating SQL DDL out of UML in XMI";
ne "yslt#features", "YSLT Features";
h1 a "toolchain", "Tool Chain";
ne "toolchain#compiler", "YML compiler";
ne "toolchain#processor", "YML/YSLT processor";
ne "toolchain#recommended", "Recommended external tools";
ne "", "Windows tool chain";
ne "", "Download YML 2";
ne "toolchain#downloads", "Download different versions";
7 years ago
ne "", "Mercurial Repository at p≡p foundation (CAcert needed)";
7 years ago
h1 "Misc";
ne "gpl-2.0.txt", "License for YML";
ne "", "Commercial support for YML";
ne "", "YML is using pyPEG";