correcting «…» problems in parantheses

Volker Birk 7 years ago
parent 8859102ab9
commit b36e330c7d

@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ syn keyword cTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX
syn match cBadContinuation contained "\\\s\+$"
" cCommentGroup allows adding matches for special things in comments
syn cluster cCommentGroup contains=cTodo,cBadContinuation,ymlString
syn cluster cCommentGroup contains=cTodo,cBadContinuation,ymlStringComment
" String and Character constants
" Highlight special characters (those which have a backslash) differently
@ -30,7 +30,8 @@ syn match cSpecial display contained "\\\(x\x\+\|\o\{1,3}\|.\|$\)"
if !exists("c_no_utf")
syn match cSpecial display contained "\\\(u\x\{4}\|U\x\{8}\)"
syn region ymlString start=+L\=«+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+»+ contains=cSpecial,@Spell
syn region ymlString start=+L\=«+ end=+»+ contains=cSpecial,@Spell
syn region ymlStringComment start=+L\=«+ end=+»+ contains=cSpecial,@Spell
if exists("c_no_cformat")
syn region cString start=+L\="+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"+ contains=cSpecial,@Spell,ymlString
" cCppString: same as cString, but ends at end of line
@ -370,6 +371,7 @@ hi def link cCppSkip cCppOut
hi def link cCppOut2 cCppOut
hi def link cCppOut Comment
hi def link ymlString Operator
hi def link ymlStringComment Operator
let b:current_syntax = "yml2"
" vim: ts=8